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Presale: April 5th | Public Sale: April 7th


About GCC 

Girl Code Club is a women-led NFT project consisting of 3333 semi-randomly generated artworks. The name of the project refers to the unwritten pact that exists between all women, vowing to support, empower and respect each other. The collection represents women from around the world, as we hope to see the same level of diversity in the NFT space. 

Owning a Girl Code Club NFT does not only mean having a unique piece of art. Being a holder gives you access to our exclusive women empowerment program and contributes to supporting the women in need we are able to help as the project evolves.



The girls are generated from over 400 hand-drawn traists. Some traits are rarer than others, with one exception: Skin tones do not vary in rarity. 


The rarity of all other traits was determined randomly, as we do not support the idea of certain facial features, hairstyles or outfits being better than others. All girls are beautiful and unique in their own way, just as in real life. 

The collection was generated semi-randomly, meaning that some traits do not occur in combination with others. This way we embrace the natural differences between women. 



























A club is no club without its members. Your early support means the world, which is why we will randomly pick 5 holders who will receive a GCC airdrop and 50 holders who will receive a signed print of their NFT.

EARLY HOLDERS airdrops + signed prints


supporting women in need of financial help 

2,5% of initial sales will be used to help one or multiple women in need of financial help. Examples are: fundraisers by women to pay tuition fees, to start a kick-ass business or to get a medical treatment. These fundraisers will be nominated and chosen by the community.


Shecodes giveaway (incl. shecodes foundation)

We will give away 50 SheCodes coding courses, where you'll learn the basics to kickstart your career in tech. Part of the proceeds will go to the SheCodes Foundation, that provides free coding classes for women in third world countries and refugees. 


Purchasing art from upcoming artists

2,5% of initial sales will be used to purchase NFTs from other women-led projects and kept in the Girl Code Club vault for holder giveaways. 


donation to free a girl

5% of initial sales will be donated to Free a Girl, a charity that rescues minor girls from sexual exploitation. You can find more information about the collaboration and an interview with Free a Girl here.


We will launch the Girl Code Club webshop for holders , where you will be able to purchase clothing, accessories and more. All starring your favorite girls. 

Girl code club merch



5 Girl Code Club NFTs will be airdropped to holders. Another 2,5% of initial sales will be used to purchase NFTs from upcoming artists. If you hold one of 5 Golden Girls (GCCs wearing a crown), you're in luck! 2,5% of initial sales will be divided between the holders of these NFTs.


Meet the artist

Welcome to the Girl Code Club website! My name is Jodie and I am a 25 year old digital artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Before discovering the wondrous world of NFTs, I made commissioned illustrations with good old paint and paper. I cannot tell you how excited I am about all the possibilities this brand new space has to offer. My goal is to reach people all around the world and spread the message of women empowerment as far as I possible can. I truly feel like we are at the verge of something amazing here. 



How many Pieces are there?

There is a total of 3333 Girl Code Club NFTs. Part of these can be minted during pre-sale. 200 NFTs are withheld from sale for giveaways and the team. 

How much will they cost?

Each artwork will cost 0.05 ETH + gas fees during public sale. During pre-sale there is a special price of 0.04 ETH + gas fees. 

What is the Women empowerment program?

Being a Girl Code Club holder gives you access to exclusive women empowerment program: a series of workshops and events where you'll learn how to be your own greatest cheerleader and go after your wildest dreams.

What are the GCC values?

We stand for female empowerment, more diversity in the NFT space and freedom for girls to be whatever and whoever they want to be.

How can i get an NFT?

You can mint a maximum of 10 NFTs per wallet directly on this website. Afterwards, they will be available on secondary marketplace Opensea. 

When can I mint?

The presale will start on April 5th (0.04 ETH), and public sale on April 7th (0.05 ETH). The exact times will be announced on Twitter and Discord. 

How is GCC giving back?

Girls support girls! We are donating to Free a Girl, helping out women in need of financial help, and purchasing NFTs from other artists. The purchased NFTs will be given away to the community. We will also give away 50 SheCodes coding courses to holders who want to kickstart their career in tech.

More Important details

Token type: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum

File hosting: IPFS

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