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How to mint?

Minting your first NFT can seem daunting! Luckily, it is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to mint is an Ethereum wallet, with some Ether. With just 4 easy steps you'll have your brand new Girl Code Club NFT in your wallet in no time. 

1. Set up your Metamask wallet

2. Purchase Ether

3. Mint your NFTs

4. Reveal your NFTs

Set up your Metamask Wallet

The first step in minting an NFT is setting up an Ethereum wallet. This is where your NFTs will be stored after minting them. Metamask is the most common a user-friendly option when it comes to wallets. 

You can install Metamask as a Chrome extension (for laptop) or as a mobile app (for iOS and Android) here. Create a new wallet and follow the steps indicated by Metamask. 

Warning: During the wallet creation process you will get a seed phrase, consisting of 12 random words. This seed phrase is strictly confidential, as anyone with access to it will have access to the content of your wallet. If you loose the seed phrase, it will never be possible to recover your account. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe (not digitally as hackers are smart these days). 

Purchase Ether

Next, it's time to fill up your brand new wallet with some Ether. This is the only cryptocurrency in which Girl Code Club NFTs can be minted, as the collection lives on the Ethereum blockchain. 


There are many crypto exchange apps available for buying Ether, but one of the most common ones is  Coinbase. Create an account on the Coinbase platform and purchase some Ether. Note that you will need a bit more than the price you will pay for the NFTs. This is because every transaction on the blockchain requires a gas fee - you can see this as a transaction fee. Gas fees may vary based on how many transactions are happening on the blockchain at the same time. We are using an optimized contract, which means that the gas fees are reduced dramatically, but we still recommend having 0.02 ETH extra to be sure the transaction will go through.


After the purchase is completed, transfer the Ether from your Coinbase app to your Metamask wallet. You need your Metamask wallet address for this - this is the number that's under your account name when you open the Metamask extension/ application. 

Mint your NFTs

Now that we are all set up, let's get to the fun part: minting! You will be able to mint directly on our website, by clicking on the Mint Now button in the upper right corner. After you click this button, you will land on the minting page. Here you can select how many NFTs you want to purchase. If you are minting during presale, the maximum amount of mints per wallet varies depending on your presale tier (Bronze/ Silver/ Gold). If you are minting during public sale, the maximum amount per wallet is 10.

The next step is where your new Metamask wallet comes in. If you are minting on your phone, you will be redirected to the Metamask app. If you are on your laptop, the Metamask Chrome extension will do its magic. If you have a sufficient amount of Ether, you will be able to confirm the transaction. If you don't have enough Ether, you have to go back to step 2 and add more, or wait for the gas fee to drop. 

Note: There is a possibility that your transaction will not go through, for example because there is no more supply. In this case, you will loose (some of) the gas fee that you paid. The reason for this is that the transaction was already started, and this has to be paid for. 

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