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Girl Code Club x Free a Girl

"It may feel like you're just donating money, but I can promise you you're one of us. You're a freedom fighter. You're working with us and you are rescuing girls."

Walther Hesselink, Free a Girl

About the collaboration

Girl code is about having each other's backs as women. One of our most important values is freedom, to be whatever and whoever you want to be as a woman. Unfortunately, freedom - even in the most literal sense of the word - is not something every girl can take for granted. 


Two million children around the world, mostly girls, are trapped in sexually exploitative situations. They are locked up and exploited in brothels, massage parlors or garages.

Free a Girl is an amazing non-profit organization campaigning hard to rescue these children. They make every effort to ensure that their exploiters are brought to justice. So far Free a Girl has managed to save over 6000 girls. You can find more information about the incredible work they do here:


We will donate 5% of initial sales when we hit the 80% mark on the roadmap.


With our Donation, Free a Girl will be able to rescue up to 26 girls from sexual exploitation.


Do you want to support this cause? Click here to purchase a Girl Code Club NFT.
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